Fake Luxury Watches – Buying Guide

1The knowledge of the material used for the manufacture of the luxury replicas watches is an added advantage in buying a fake watch. The wide materials used are stainless steel, titanium and ceramic. The variants of the materials used are also useful in the manufacture of the fake watch. Below are the details of the materials used and the qualities of fake luxury watches.

1.Back/green sticker: The back of the Rolex fake watch usually refers to the stickers that are found on it. The most genuine luxury Rolex fake watches don’t have anything engraved on it or serial numbers of the back. There is only holographic green sticker indicating the model number of the fake watch.

  1. 2. High-tech ceramics: They have great lustre finish and greater durability which is the essential of the fake luxury watch of daily usage. It is impossible to imagine a fake watch without the mentioned features which are easily obtained by high-tech ceramics. The obtained material is finely polished with diamond powder for obtaining different colours.
  2. 3. Gold platinum: contain more than 90% pure gold. 18kgold.Gold fake luxury watches are most common in top brand name Swiss fake watch like Rolex, Cartier.
  3. 4. Tungsten titanium alloy: Alloys when mixed in proper proportions have excellent features and ultimate features. Hence to bring out the necessary durability properties the tungsten and the titanium are mixed to have the best properties for a long lasting fake watch. At last, after number of process and polishing with diamonds powder the glitter tungsten titanium alloy is completed. Tungsten titanium alloy is good at abrasive resistance.

So, here is your choice to buy which fake luxury watch among all kinds of brands including Panerai, Rolex (rolex presidential replica), Cartier, Tag Heuer, Audemars Piguet, Piaget, IWC, Hublot, Breitling etc. no matter which one you are going to buy, just make sure it is the right one that can meet your needs and can make you satisfied.